Jen Znack

Jen Znack - actress. model.


ACtRA - Set Etiquette

rhonda Fisecki -  One day- ON Camera audition workshop


Extremity                                                   Cathy Hainey/Peepshow girl (principal)           (Dir.) Anthony DiBlasi

Hookup & Delivery                                        Gym Bitch (principal)                                      (Dir.) Spencer Streichert

Space Rippers                                                 Captain Neder-Leader (principal)                     (Dir.) Chris Shalom

The Great Fear                                                Stuart's Lawyer (day player)                            (Dir.) Iain Laird


The Shocking truth - MONSTER                  Tyria                                                                   Pyramid Productions

The Man from Ballyduff                              The Woman in Red (principal)                    (Dir.) Ron Devitt

FX Creations Kickstarter                               Climber (principal)                                    (Dir.) Clinks Productions

Kill the Irishman                                             Elizabeth (principal)                                  (Dir.) Chris Taylor

Zooom Festival Promo                                 Director (lead)                                                 (Dir.) Wes Beiko

Sundowners                                                    Valkyrie (lead)                                                 (Dir.) Brian King

Wall to Wall                                                     Kelly (lead)                                                    (Dir. Hernan Moreno

Superstrikers                                                   Forget Me Not   (lead)                                   (Dir.) Ryan Edie

Elder                                                                  Self (lead)                                                         (Dir.) Chris Walker

Maddiloon                                                      Self (lead)                                                         (Dir.) Dallis Swiatek

Joy to The World                                           Female Publicist (principal)                           (Dir.) Matt Steele

Skinner                                                        Riley (lead)                                                       (Dir.) Rob Jacobsen

"Escape Room Video"                                  Company Rep (principal)                                     (Dir.) Matt McKinney

The Hundy                                                       Mitzi-Beth (lead)                                             (Dir.) Seth Williams

Mia                                                                    Waitress (principal)                                        (Dir.) Han Siu

UhOh                                                                Alien (lead)                                                       (Dir.) CZ Entertainment

Web series

My Two Roommates                                    Sidney (lead)                                                    (Dir.) Cory Gerard

Abracadavers                                                 Mysterious Stranger (featured)                   (Dir.) Morgan Ermter

 Special Skills

Climbing (lead), Skiing (advanced, downhill), Muay Thai (ex-competitive), Kick Boxing (ex-competitive), Boxing, Amateur Aerial Silks, Weightlifting, Snorkeling, Swimming (open water, lane), Cycling, Scuba diving (Open Water Certified), Aerobics, Archery, Hiking, Discus, Javelin, Shot put, Canoeing (river, lake), Kayaking (lake/ocean), Snowboarding (downhill), Water SkI